Poetry in music has been here for Ages. Of course we are human beings with spirits. Our music, our Art creations need to be created and performed by Humans with spirits. Machines, computers, artificial intelligence should never be accepted to write, perform or create our Arts for us (We the people of Earth). Today, this must be defined. And Eventide defines this, against the onslaught of relentless technologies that will never fulfill the Spirit of Man.  ~ Paul Dresser


Company Raid

We're working, Yes we're working hard.
And I can feel something, coming our way from afar.
Keep pressing, Keep them pressing on.
Push those illegal parts, right out that shipping door.
So many times, I feel the strain of another day.
I'll party at night, just to leave behind the pain.
It's not easy to deny, all your hopes and deep desires,
feel the sting, of your defiance.
Crack that whip, The boss is eyeing me.
Over there he cries, and jump man can't you hurry.
I stop and think, what is wrong here.
I can't help it, I'm American, and underpaid.
So many times, I feel the...
"Company Raid," Their busting through the doors.
Down the hall a Federal Marshal took away my boss.
There's the Vice President.
Who thought he was heaven sent.
Higher than the government.
They all turn to look at him.
Federal badges flash, his arrogance is smashed.
With his safety glasses bent in the Marshal's grasp.
Evidently, here comes the evidence.
Company heads, bumbling fools crying for defense.
Take them away, this is a company raid.
The Marshal's voice booms aloud, the V.P. shrieks afraid.
Son you don't cheat the government.
Document every word he says.
Now stand aside, here comes old inappropriate.
And I want to laugh, to know the companies wrong.
I'll party tonight, just to leave behind the storm.
And I wanted to share with you-
that what has happened here is true.
corporations are not bigger than the government.
And as long as the U.S.A. represents us when we say-
"We The People" Then we'll survive...

Paul Dresser

Burnt Orange Sky

Is there a place of brilliancy, inside our minds untold?
And can you feel this by the sea, in winter waves of gold?
So let your eyes, begin to reach, inside the seashell sky.
And isn't it good, to be free, in wild serenities of life?
Burnt orange sky.
Burnt orange ocean of ice.
See them floating, see and be mesmerized.
For the rest of your lives, see and be mesmerized.
Burnt orange love.
Burnt orange skyward doves, see them flying.
See and be mesmerized.
For the rest of your lives, see and be mesmerized...

Paul Dresser

Emotion Deep In Wings

Skies of geese are flying wild. The sun is on the clouds,
of burning tangerine, emotion deep in wings.
And love, is all I'll ever need, to keep a mind of peace.
A golden stream of leaves, to let me know I'm free.
Do you know what it means,
how to find a light in a dream?
As the water falls from above,
you can drink the sun in a cup.
And how can this really be,
I am standing here by the sea?
Feeling air as it's warm and cool,
in a golden mist burning blue.
Hold on to the mystery, before the victory.
I believe the silver trees, on the horizon are rising.
I believe --- I believe...

Paul Dresser

Do The Years Matter

When time has gone into waterfalls
And an ageless face of beauty calls the wind,
through the fronds
And you sway away afar to be with her.
Her hair curls down her neck and shoulders bare, for you.
And I don't care, about the years gone by
I don't want to feel, like these days aren't mine, for living.
Do the years matter, do the years matter at all?
I want to know, do the years matter at all?
A glow from the sun, on the aqua pond
And her eyes meet yours with such a calm like will,
through the fronds
And you sway away afar to be with her.
Her hair curls down her neck and shoulders bare...

Paul Dresser

Let The Sea Roar

Begins the sudden travel of a storm
The land is still uncut, a rivers born
The sun reaps what it will from the sand
A hallow wind blows upon the land
Let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof
There's time for peace, there's time for us
A drifter's love, is weathered hard
We all belong, let the sea roar
Many a day has vanished in the haze
Millions of people bow their heads to pray
The gift you seek is on the edge of time
If what you need is love, then don't stop trying
Let the sea roar, and...
The rivers flowing, give us love
The rivers flowing, give us hope
High in the canyon, let the sea roar
The sun is burning, in his soul
The sun is burning, we need hope
The drifter cries, let the wind blow
Millions of people, on the edge
Millions of people, sea of hope
The gift you need, will move your soul
Begins the sudden travel of a storm
The land is still uncut...
Let the sea roar, and...

Paul Dresser

Tin Pan Alley

Come, and take a walk, down the streets of Tin Pan Alley.
Music will be waiting there, and she'll show you what you need.
Do you know me? Oh yes I know you
And will you hold me? And I will hold you
But do you see me? Oh yes I see you
And since you know me, just tell them that you saw me
Your troubles, sorrows and care, She was always willing to share
A wild sort of devil, But dead on the level
Was my Gal Sal
Once in awhile, you will come to know someone
The floor will become the wild and will give you what you want.
Now, that we've evolved, from the Pleistocene when sloths did howl.
One million, eight hundred thousand years before...
Your troubles.... Was my Gal Sal...
Evening lights are, glowing in a damsel's eyes
Warming up the tin pan drums
Playing on the pianos
Just tell them that you saw me
Come, and take a walk, down the streets of Tin Pan Alley.
Music will be waiting there, and she'll show you what you need.
Live, and live again, through the brownstone -
mansion's night-life whims.
The city stars were brighter back then
And the beat in the alley just roared

Paul Dresser

Oh So Faraway

If I were to follow you, would it even matter at all?
Higher than the highest mountain, do you ever hear me , when I call?
If we go faraway, farther tomorrow than today.
Sometimes we have got to be a little closer,-
pick the pieces up and carry them onwards.
Oh so faraway, what if we end up failing?
How will we carry on another day?
Will we find our way, in this world we trade?
Across this open plain,
we walk on dangerous domain.
What if all that we have learned, isn't quite our destiny somehow?
Whether it's a path that we want, whether it's a road we end up on.
Then we must find our way, so we can live beyond today.
How far must we travel to get closer?
It seems the change we need is always out there.
Oh so faraway....  In this world we pray....
things of the heart we try to say.
Six days working in the sun, when will the seventh day ever come?
Remember when we came to the crossroads,-
remember when the world was young?
And round and around we go, until the last tales been told.
Sometimes, we have got to be a little closer.
And lift our spirits high before the whole world.
Oh so faraway....
I'll follow you so faraway

Paul Dresser

To Be Alive

Hallelujah, is it more, what I found out in a fog.
As I looked back, what would be, a world burning in fantasy.
Turning away, I dropped lower to the highest ledge.
Feeling the wings my spirit must have, to reach out, I could fly.
As I moved down to the sea, there were waves of mystery.
I was flowing in the wake, there was nothing to be saved.
To be alive,  needing you apart from the fools,
who are they, against the dreams of our lives? And I tried.
I walk in the trees, thinking of you, believing in me,
knowing the heights of our love, when you're near.
Now, now that you're gone, I cannot see, I cannot feel,
"To be Alive," needing you, in my arms.
You are like me, when you fall , when you reach.
Deep in your eyes, water falls on our lives.

Paul Dresser

A Golden Smile

Just wait, someday, you'll grow up and then they'll say;
"Can we follow?" Then they'll follow.
Some steps come slowly.
Looks like you're growing.
And when you find your way, call me,
and I'll follow you.
As you walk along, your steps are left for those
who want to follow.
As you sing your song, the words take hold of those
who long to cherish.
I saw, last night, a child holding the moonlight.
A brightness that comes for awhile,
hold on to a golden smile.
This way, or that way, they'll listen to what you say.
Then they'll wonder, and they'll wonder.
Some steps come slowly.
Looks like you're growing.
And when when you reach the truth, call me,
and I'll follow you too.

What it means to see new hope beyond
From the memories of time that's gone
It feels good to walk along...

Paul Dresser

OL’ Saint Louis Beaver Dams

The River, As we follow the river
The Mississippi Valleys, coming before us, insight.
I realize, a future hypnotize
And all that you want to see, has been changing in time.
And I can feel the wind raging white caps on the water
The bittern is gone, the cry remains.
Illinois Missouri lands, Ol' Saint Louis beaver dams
What has happened, should we blame the trapper man?
Bring it back, once again, for the Boone who never sinned
Bring it back, don't turn against the grain.
A Thousand Dams, golden beaver land
The way that it use to be, where are the memories, of man?
A settlement, people moving in
A gateway to the west, exchange of the beaver opened.
And I can feel the fur trading plundering the land.
The magic of life, has moved again.
Illinois Missouri lands, Ol' Saint...
The Ashes, rising out of the ashes
From the flames a Piasa Bird
The flight of the Indians, for life.
I realize, a future hypnotize
And all that you want to see, has been changing in time.
And I can feel the wind raging whitecaps on the water...;
The legends of our time, are almost gone.
And if we fall away, will we ever know those days?
The bittern is gone, the cry remains...
Illinois Missouri lands, Ol' Saint...

Paul Dresser


You'll feel worlds of glowing,
give it a try, make it what you will deem.
I'll tell you something that's truly happening,
should you want.
Someday it's coming for you, a calling,
the splendor, enters, your heart to find,
that stain glass window, where gentle light-
pours down on your soul. In visions years before.
I never could decide.Where is that golden light.
"Remember," the hope in burning embers, comes true.
Come forth, take your chances.
Legends have passed beyond great totem poles.
I heard it once told, that thunder makes you bold,
cause it's you.
Someday it's coming for you, a calling...
And when the Light does blow,
you through the totem pole, "Remember," the hope-
in burning embers comes true.
Somewhere by the riverside.
From over here, I know that it's you who's calling.
Get ready because the Lights coming.
I never could decide. What was it we did right.
"Remember," the hope in burning embers comes true.

Paul Dresser


A song about the two Paul Dresser poetry songwriters.

I'll Find My Way

There comes a time, when the work gets hard,
and it seems that all is lost.
Another day, tried my best, but all I got was cold.
Well I've worked hard, and I prayed a lot.
I still want to get there somehow.
And I'm here to tell you Father, that it's-
harder than I've known.
I feel, the spirit of flight, where time is going.
I don't know, what it means,
or how I can do right.
Off they fly, towards the sun,
leaving silver trails behind.
And winter winds are blowing,
it's going to be awhile.
The night is lonely. I've known the pain.
It seems to never stop, not upon this hill.
I'll rise up, and look down, on a world-
that's drifting away.
Oh Lord, you were right, I'll find my way.

Paul Dresser

All Music © 2021 Paul Dresser
All rights reserved