What is the connection between Poetry and Waltzes? I can tell you. It's "The Eventide of Music."

Eventide Music

Essential music fulgents

Alaska, Alaska

Jack London

OL’ Saint Louis Beaver Dams

Let The Sea Roar

A Restless Heart

Tin Pan Alley

Tamure and Wine

Elevator Runaway

"Eventide" is Poetry Music. This is now important to the world. Today's people are in a turbulence of crass, sarcastic, crude speech. This fuels the hate within us and around us.

We need to breathe in, the stars in the sky. And let the poetry in music heal our souls, and mend our bridges. This is the Eventide of Music. The dawning of a new day in sound.

Why is Eventide Music a helpful solution? It's because we must strive for it. This is the depths of our souls, in thought.

The flames that sweep the waltzing floor, potential lovers, the willows roar. By wind "Varita" lifts to steal, the heart "Therita" hopes to seal.

Let's live Again!
Paul Dresser

All Music © 2021 Paul Dresser
All rights reserved